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Will Cary was born and raised in Louisville, Ky. His first band was a rhythm band led by teacher and beautiful lady, Marie Lynch, at Miss Crawley’s kindergarten at the St. Matthews Armory next to Trinity High School. Singing Beatles songs in a junior high band ended when his voice changed and they went on with the other singers in the band. It wasn’t until college that he returned to singing on stage. He joined a copy band and later joined a coffee house folk band, Hambone, at Depauw U. in Greencastle, Indiana. The Fluttering Duck was a gathering place for music and general bohemian endeavors. There he met Mike Wanchic who would become John Mellencamp’s bandleader.

Mike was instrumental in getting Will a cowrite on the Mellencamp  album, “Uh Huh”. The track “Lovin’ Muthah Fo’ Ya” contained lyrics from Will’s popular song, “Cruisin’ In The Park” from Will’s 1982 album “Out of My Dreams”. Will performed steadily from 1974 thru 1983 when he semi-retired to start a family with his wife, chef Kathy Cary of Lilly’s and La Peche fame.

In 1993 Will recorded the album “One Voice” with Dave Pomeroy at The Sound Emporium in Nashville. An all-star band and engineer Dave Sinko created a critically acclaimed album. The band performed live twice in Louisville and luckily the footage from the 1/6/94 concert at Jim Porter’s is now a part of this website.

Will recorded two more projects locally in 2000 and 2002. The album “Foundation of Love” and the project “Annie’s Melody” were produced at Louisville’s RamCat studio with Ben Andrews and Sam Grey.

In September, 2011, Will released Peace of Mind with the Billy Hanks Band recorded at Downtown Recording Studios and Falcon Studios with local, by way of San Francisco, artist/producer, Joel Timothy and Chris Greenwell.

On August 2nd, 2021, Will Cary releases his newest album CRAZY WORLD with BILLY HANKS BAND. Recorded and produced at Downtown Recording in Louisville, KY, the project unfolded over almost fourteen months with the actual arrangements begun by Will and Jeff Rehmet in Sept. of 2020. Rehearsals began in Dec. and recording began on Will’s birthday, Jan. 19, 2021. Working with engineer, Chris Greenwell, the sessions lasted until June when the final mixes were sent to Dave Sinko in Nashville for mastering. We are very excited to share our work with all of you! We hope you enjoy sharing this journey with us and share it with a friend. Peace be with you all! Will Cary

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